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April 16th, 2013

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10:35 am - Fic: What Happens in Sea City... Part 7/8 [Baby-sitters Club]
I'm in Boston, but I don't know more than anyone at this point. All my loved ones are accounted for, fortunately. Right now, parts of the city are still crime scene, but we're supposed to "go about our lives and remain vigilant." My partner was supposed to start a new job today, but the building and subway stop are closed. I work from home for an out-of-state company, so it's business as usual for me.

And if I don't post more Baby-sitters Club fic, the terrorists win!

Chapters 19-21 are up. Things are getting resolved, but! There is still one more day of posting! AND don't forget tomorrow's Special Wednesday Reveal.

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Fic: What Happens in Sea City... Part 7/8 [Baby-sitters Club] - to write the unwritable wrong

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